About IAPA

By Founder President - Dr. Snehalata Dhayagude

I had worked in 'Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital for Children' as honorary anaesthesiologist from May 1974 to August 2001. Working in all surgical specialties, except cardiac for more than two decades, I conceived the idea of holding lecture series on various branches of paediatric anesthesia in 1998. I involved many paediatric anesthesiologists from different medical institutions and we conducted lecture series every year for postgraduate students in Mumbai. Dr. Pradnya Sawant was one of the Speaker. In 2005, she conceived the idea of forming the 'Indian Association of Paediatric Anaesthesiologists'. Sole purpose was to have a common platform for paediatric anaesthesiologists nationwide and bring awareness of unique characteristics of growing children and anesthetic management of various surgical procedures through academic activities at various places in India. So, it was announced in the clinical meeting of 'Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists', Mumbai branch on 19th June 2005. The senior paediatric anaesthesiologists from each teaching institution expressed their involvement and founder members were confirmed. Founder members are Dr. Aruna Bapat, Dr. Bharati A Kulkarni, Dr. Pradnya Sawant, Dr. Jyoti Borkar, Dr. Madhu Garasia, Dr. Swati Daftary and myself. I feel honored and privileged, as all founder members unanimously suggested my name for the President's position. All the groundwork for forming the association and penning down the constitution took more than 6 months and finally the Association was registered with Indian charity commissioner in March 2006.

With every academic activity, we enrolled new members into the association. We invited speakers from all over India, so to take the association nationwide.

Our Academic Activities
Lecture series and workshops Annual National conferences
Lecture series-Wadia Hospital 10-11 June 2006 1st conference- 14-15 February 2009, Mumbai
Difficult airway, workshop, Bombay Hospital  9-10 December 2006 2nd conference February 2010, Bengaluru
CPR, Vascular access workshop, Wadia hospital, 9-10th June 2007 3rd conference February 2011, Indore
Lecture series, Wadia Hospital, 19-20 January 2008 4th conference February 2012, Hyderabad
Lecture series, KEM hospital, 17-18 April 2010 5th conference February 2013, Vadodara
Lecture series, KEM hospital, 8-9 October 2011 6th conference February 2014, Goa (Mumbai)
CME lectures, Chembur, 2011 7th Conference February 2015, Chandigarh
CME lectures, Nashik, 15th July 2012 8th Conference January 2016, Vellore
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